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I want dean and cas to hold hands and gently stroke each other’s fingers.

I want them to press kisses into warm skin, dragging their mouths over each other’s shoulders until there are goosebumps everywhere.

I want there to be rushed and hurried presses of lips.

I want slow, torturous licks.

I want them to smoosh their faces together and nuzzle each other’s noses, tears sparkling in their eyes.

I want them to have the kind of sex where they can’t get enough of their skin touching, and they press together from forehead to hips, tangling their legs together as their hips move in long, lazy thrusts.

I want them to rut against each other desperately, barely able to get their clothes off.

I want them to make love, slow and wondrous.

But most of all, I want them to feel happy and safe, curled into each other like there’s no place in the universe they’d rather be.


My tumblr was a bit overcome by your date night fic

oh gosh this is too cute!!! (date night fic here)

happy easter to all my followers who celebrate

and to all that do not, enjoy the sale on chocolate bunnies ^w^

can we just imagine cas planning date night?

he’d be so nervous, and he’d ask sam for advice because he just wants so badly to impress dean and make him smile

and sam can’t stop smiling because he knows that cas is being ridiculous. because sam sees the way dean looks at cas when cas can’t see him. and sam knows that when you look at someone like they’re your whole world, you could literally drink cheap beer and watch the worst movie in the world and there’s still no place you’d rather be.

but cas wants to give dean something special. so sam helps him plan; tells him the special foods that dean likes but never gets to eat…

and cas decides he wants to take dean out to dinner. like a “real date.” the ones he’s seen on tv where people hold hands and have candlelit dinners in soft leather booths

so he makes a reservation

but then on the night of their date everything goes wrong. because cas wanted it to be a surprise and when he tries to direct dean to the restaurant they get lost on backroads

and when they finally make it to the restaurant their table has been given away

and cas is so dejected; he just wanted to make dean happy…

and dean looks at him with this absolutely disgustingly sappy smile and drives them to a drive-in burger place

and dean orders them burgers with the works, and kisses the corners of cas’ mouth when he gets mustard there

and by the end of the night they’re making out in the back of the impala like teenagers

and dean can’t seem to stop smiling.

sammyinnerdglasses asked:
How about the first time they go out Cas takes Dean to a peach orchard and they pick peaches, and Dean doesn’t understand the fun (because he’s a damn yankee) until Cas shows him the proper way to eat a georgia peach is by licking the juice that slides down your arm.

oh gosh oh gosh call 911 this is illegal it’s too sweet (*/∇\*)

whislcey asked:
no i will noT ignore you when you're thinking about cas bouncing on dean's dick. this is literally aLL i've been thinking about all day. pretty little cas sinking down on dean's dick, rolling his hips and mewling to himself as he worries his lip between his teeth, working so hard to make sure he's taking absolutely all of dean, stifling his hiccuping breaths as he presses his hand hard to his stomach, as if he can really feel dean filling him up, and then going to town on dean as he wails.

//whimpers softly

you are wonderful for giving me this image (♥‿♥✿)

tiffanylikethelamp asked:
Oh no southern Cas with all his manners. He would say "ma'am" and "sir" to everyone even if they were younger than him because he just couldn't help it and it's polite. And also he'd hold the door for everyone behind him even if it was 30 people.

oh noooooo

oh gosh I am really getting into this au I think I’m gonna write it???

his-cherry-pie asked:
Your blog is just gorgeous. I love it

aww thank you so much!!!


how do art?

dean/cas doodle. no references omfg.