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Still got that queue running? (I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound bossy but I sent you an ask a day or two ago and I don't know if you got it and I don't remember how it was phrased at all)

I’m skipping yoga tomorrow to finish answering everything I didn’t get to yesterday! :)

I miss you all lots and I can’t wait for this dcbb to be over so I can come back full force ^w^ (with heaps of casturbation and smutty smuttiness umu)


college au where Dean and Cas live together on campus in a tiny apartment that may be kinda shitty, but it’s filled with their stuff and their cat and their thrift store couch, so they love it nonetheless. 

Dean works some nights as a security guard for the campus to make some extra cash, much to Cas’ annoyance because he doesn’t have Dean’s warm presence to wrap his cold feet around in bed to warm him up.

Some of those nights, Cas likes to surprise Dean after his long shifts by waiting for him on the couch in nothing but Dean’s old Led Zeppelin shirt that shows off the hickeys Dean gave him and a pair of blue striped cotton panties that hug the curve of his ass that peeks out from underneath the hem of the shirt.

Cas loves the way Dean always runs his hand down his chest over the soft material of the shirt before rucking it up over to tweak at his pink nipples. He loves the way Dean rubs his big, warm hands over the bulge of his cock straining against elastic of his panties, whispering in Cas’ ear how gorgeous a sight he is after a long night.

What he loves most are the moans and words of praise Dean stifles against his chest when he rides him on their couch, panties pushed to the side so Dean’s thick cock can fill him up in all the right ways that have him moaning into the flushed skin of Dean’s neck.

When they both come down from their climax, they barely manage stumble into their bedroom due to wandering hands and scruffy kisses before passing out in a tangle of sweaty limbs in their bed. They may not have much in their little apartment, but they have each other, and really, that’s all either of them need.


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Hello, I'm hoping this is the right person to ask. Do you know angelsnovak's current url? I've seen a few of their fanfictions under read mores and I want to read them but it just leads me to buckbaarnes, which has nothing on it. Thanks!

She’s at the URL ‘subbastianstan’ now!


i tried, i tried to do this seriously but 





Imagine your icon as a lingerie model



the world at your feet by casfallsinlove
[nc-17, 8k words, deancas ballet!au inspired by the movie five dances]

When he was a kid, Dean Winchester learned to dance in secret. Now he’s twenty-six and has arrived at ballet school in New York City on a scholarship. He’s homeless, lonely, and spends his days doing the only thing that keeps him sane: dancing.

Castiel is, ostensibly, a librarian. But when his younger sister Anna needs another dancer for the routine she has to choreograph, he finds himself agreeing to fill the role. He expected a few weeks of rehearsals with three ballet school suck-ups. He did not expect Dean Winchester.

Anonymous asked:
oh my gOD cas just worshipping dean and kissing all his freckles I need a fic FRECKLES LORD