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connor walsh +  text posts

captain-parrish asked:
Your already writing fic for htgawm? Lord have mercy on my soul. Bless.

aww thanks babe ❤️

pumpkinsonmycassbutt asked:
Don't forget jack went to catholic school just let that idea infest your brain

I went to catholic school my whole life…

I have a sneaking suspicion that catholic schools breed the kinkiest little shits (๑✧◡✧๑)

laurel castillo + outfits

looking at my tags on connor walsh posts like #imightneedjesus

Connor Walsh + that smirk.

justy--me asked:
I watched all 4 episodes of htgawm because you kept blogging about it and now I love it and need more episodes

honestly at this point I’m really curious about how many people I’ve converted to this show

like wow I’ve gotten so many wonderful messages like this ❤️

top ten current crushes (in no particular order): jack falahee from how to get away with murder.


Why do people like this A) exist? B) watch a Shonda Rhimes show? and C) think saying these things to her will change anything?

Goodbye. She doesn’t want you watching her shows. She’s spoken to your kind.