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notpepsi I got your submission (*whines in sexual frustration*) but I can’t publish it correctly on mobile so I’ll publish it when I get home tonight

okay I’m off to bed

Anonymous asked:
i'd like to thank/blame you for my newly discovered lingerie kink (more specifically on dean and cas) especially when it's pink

always happy to take the blame for nurturing such a lovely kink ^w^


don’t think about teen!cas and jock!dean making out on the football field under the stars, the chilly, december air, and cas being perfectly content wearing dean’s oversized letterman jacket.

and definitely don’t think about the little shrieks and laughs they let out when the sprinkles go off and soak them both as they scramble for the bleachers.

Anonymous asked:
Which do you prefer for destiel: shower sex or shower cuddles?

can I has both?

Anonymous asked:
Dean can be happy just rimming Cas for /hours/, lapping slowly and just getting Cas's pretty little hole all wet and loose, shoving his tongue in there. Cas just writhes under Dean's mouth, fingers in Dean's hair and pulling him closer because he loves Dean's tongue.

hahahhaaaa ha ha *dies*

perfect anon is perfect

Anonymous asked:
Imagine riding misha's cock in that bath though. Cause that was like, a huge cock.

we know misha’s packing ;)

Anonymous asked:
but dean just loves to bury his face into cas' thick, silk-soft thighs. he squeezes the supple skin just under cas' bottom and nips the very inside of cas' thighs, leaving little love marks he knows only cas will see.

oh gosh and then he spreads cas’ ass and presses his thumbs against his sensitive, clenching hole before diving in and lapping at the puckered skin until cas starts making those breathy ‘ah ah!’ sounds that has dean rutting into the mattress and thrusting his tongue into cas’ tightness while cas claws at his hair (♥‿♥✿)

Anonymous asked:
I would love nothing better than to contribute to shaved Cas and how after getting his legs smooth, he'll slip into a pair of lacy panties and a skirt that barely covers his ass, sprawling out on the bed to wait for Dean

dude. yES.

cas in skirts is one of my favorite things

soproudofus asked:
wow caroline, thanks a lot for making me think about cas shaving his legs in the shower and then getting out and being all wet and shiny and slippery. because you know that dean is just sitting on the bed watching cas until cas comes up and straddles him and gets dean all wet cause they're kissing and petting all over each other. obviously dean doesn't care, because he loves running his hands up cas's smooth, tan thighs. ugh, why.

oh goshhhh YESSS

that feeling when smooth skin is all slippery from the shower gUH